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Before Your Surgery

For intravenous anesthesia:

No solid food for eight (8) hours prior to the procedure. This includes food, gum chewing, smokeless tobacco products, etc. You may have clear liquids only up to three (3) hours prior to the procedure. Clear liquids are liquids you can see through, such as: water, clear juices such as apple juice, carbonated beverages, and clear tea. No coffee, dairy products, juice with pulp, red or dark colored fluids. You may take any medications with a sip of water.

You must be accompanied by a responsible adult to drive and care for you after surgery. You will not be able to drive.

Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing with a short-sleeved shirt or blouse. Remove contact lenses. Ladies, please remove all nail polish from your finger and toenails.

For local analgesia without intravenous or oral sedation:

Please have a light breakfast or lunch prior to your appointment. You may drive.

General Instructions:

For post-operative discomfort begin a scheduled regimen of Ibuprofen 400 mg (200 mg tablets x2) and Tylenol Extra Strength 500 mg (1 tablet), every 6 hours for 2 days, and then as needed. Motrin and Tylenol will help with discomfort and swelling after your surgery. Use prescriptions pain medication only as needed. Expect some discomfort.

Do not take aspirin or Motrin products for 1 week prior to surgical procedure.

If you take any daily medication, (i.e. blood pressure medication, insulin, inhalers, etc.), continue to take them as usual unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Bamonte.

Dr. Bamonte may prescribe medications to be taken prior to your procedure. Any changes in your health, especially the development of a cold or fever within 7 days of your surgery, please contact the office.

After Your Surgery

Our entire staff will be happy to answer all your questions hoping to make your experience a more comfortable one. Please do not hesitate to call.