How Much Is Discomfort Is Normal After Dental Implants?

February 28, 2022

After any surgery, you can expect to feel some discomfort. If you’re recovering from dental implant surgery, you may wonder how much discomfort you will experience and what level of that discomfort is normal. Discomfort after dental implant surgery is not typically a concern.

At Bamonte Oral Surgery, we have put together what you can expect during the healing process for your implants.

How Long Will I Feel Discomfort?

Typically, you will feel uncomfortable for several days and occasionally about a week. While dental implant surgery is minimally invasive, it is still a major oral surgery that involves making an opening in your jaw and gums where the metal implant is placed.

Within a few hours after your procedure, you will still be numb from the local anesthetic and will be feeling the lingering effects of any sedation, so you won’t feel much discomfort immediately. As these effects wear off, you will likely experience some discomfort, which is normal. Your doctor will recommend over-the-counter medication to help you ease any discomfort.

At 24 hours after the procedure, you can expect to see mild swelling, possible bruising, and tenderness around your implant site. To help manage this sensation, try to avoid eating any hot or crunchy foods. Your doctor will provide you with a comprehensive list of instructions and a recovery timeline to ensure you are comfortable and informed.

Tenderness, mild swelling, and occasionally bruising can last for roughly 3-7 days. Within three to five days, you should notice the discomfort and discomfort subside significantly. Within a week, you can expect to feel mostly pain-free.

Within 1-2 weeks, your implant area should be well on the way to being healed. At this point, you shouldn’t be experiencing any discomfort. There should also be no bleeding and little to no bruising or swelling in the area. At this point in your recovery, you may resume physical activity like jogging, and you will also be able to resume eating your normal diet. Severe discomfort are rare after two weeks.

I’m Still Experiencing Discomfort After Two Weeks. What Should I Do?

If you are still experiencing discomfort after two weeks or the sensation has not improved, this should be a concern. A healthy implant should not be causing any discomfort at this point in your recovery, but rather it should be healed for the most part and pain-free.

If you are still experiencing discomfort at this point in your recovery, you will need to schedule a visit with Dr. Bamonte to determine what is causing the discomfort. A common reason could be that you have an infection at your implant site. When the implant site is not properly cleaned or disinfected, it can become infected and inflamed, which prevents the implant from healing and causes prolonged discomfort.

Fortunately, in most cases, the implant site can be cleaned and disinfected. You will then be prescribed an antibiotic to treat the infection.

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