Why do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

February 29, 2020
So you’ve been told by your dentist that you will need to have your wisdom teeth removed. This may surprise you, especially if you aren’t having any issues or pain with them. If you’re wondering why you need to have them removed, it is crucial to understand that removing wisdom teeth is a common practice nowadays and has a variety of benefits for young adults.

Where are My Wisdom Teeth Located?

Wisdom Tooth PainYour wisdom teeth are the upper and lower third molars that are located in the very back of your mouth. These are the last to surface in the mouth and usually come in around the ages of 17- 25 years old. In some cases, people will have these for the rest of their lives, while other people will have them surgically removed before they even break the surface of the gums.

Removal for Prevention of Future Issues

Even if you’re not experiencing pain caused by your wisdom teeth, other issues can still occur. In some cases, they can be stuck or impacted, meaning they can’t break through your jaw and into your mouth. This can be due to your mouth being too small to accommodate them, or it may be because they are growing in at an angle to your other teeth.
Because of these factors, it may be recommended that you have your healthy molars removed to prevent dental issues later on in life. Having them removed as a young adult is more comfortable because, as you age, your bones in your mouth will harder, resulting in a more difficult wisdom teeth removal. Waiting to have surgery until later in life can lead to issues from fractured teeth and bleeding to severe numbness and, in some cases, minor loss of movement in your jaw.

Why Do People Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Impacted Wisdom ToothIf your wisdom teeth are causing issues or your x-rays have shown that they could cause dental problems down the line, it is vital to have them taken care of. Other reasons for removal include:
Jaw Damage– Cysts can form around your teeth and, if left untreated, can hollow out your jaw and cause nerve damage.
Sinus Problems– If these teeth are causing issues, it can lead to congestion, sinus pressure, and pain. Sinus problems can ensue.
Tooth Damage–  This extra set of molars can press on your other teeth, which can lead to mouth pain and issues with your bite. They can also cause crowding of your other teeth, which may require treatment to straighten them.
Cavities– Swelling caused by your wisdom teeth can create pockets under them. This provides bacteria a place to grow, resulting in cavities. This can also result in inflamed gums, which can make it difficult to clean your teeth.
Other factors such as age, the shape of your mouth, and the position of your teeth also come into play in helping your dentist determine if they should be removed.

High-Quality Treatment and Patient Care

At Bamonte Oral Surgery, we are committed to providing our patients with the best in oral surgery and patient care to ensure they receive comfortable and comprehensive service. If you are having issues with your wisdom teeth or would like to learn more about whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed, please contact us today.
Dr. John Bamonte
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Dr. John A. Bamonte, a native of the Pittsburgh area, is a graduate of Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. He then attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and finished in the top 10 of his class in 1984 with the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine. Through 1985, Dr. Bamonte practiced general dentistry with his father in Natrona Heights and concurrently earned a Master of Science degree in Anatomy/Histology at the University of Pittsburgh.